來自德國的Mark Gmehling是一位令人驚狂的角色設計師。他的創作是帶給人們狂野的想像,特別擅長無邊際的虛擬角色,就如同他所希望的跳脫語言的藩籬,讓所設計的腳色是國際化的...也因此他創作下的人物每個都是特別而令人眼睛為之一亮的。

Mark Gmehling你好,可以像ㄇㄞˋ點子的讀者介紹一下你自己?

大家好,我是來自德國的設計師和插畫家,我叫Mark Gmehling。我主要的專長在於塗鴉和八〇年代的街頭藝術。我學過藝術、視覺設計和行銷。我曾經從事過廣告業一陣子,直到我決定要選擇以插畫家當作正職為止。

Hi there, my name is Mark Gmehling, I'm a designer and illustrator from Germany, my visual background is the graffiti and streetart-scene of the late 80ies. I studied fine arts and later graphic design and marketing. I worked in advertising for a while till I decided to make a living as illustrator.




•What is the main concept and key element in your work?

Coming from the graffiti background I was always more focused on characters than on styles/letters. I don't want my work to entertain the graffiti-scene exclusively. The pieces are speaking an international language and I hope they entertain little childs and grandmas also. I like my art to speak for it self so I don't explain it.

At the moment a key element of my actual characters  is a kind of zorro -mask.



•What is your inspirability?

Theres no special inspiration source for my personal work, but everything, thinking about a task doesn’t stop when I leave my desk . One is sensible to connect every input fitting that task may it be a sth. I see, feel, hear or smell.  And There is this special universe inside my head and I need to bring it to life to avoid going bananas.



•What is the most important thing in your life? How is it reflected in your works?

In my opinion the most important thing in life is having dreams/goals/ a personal agenda and doing what you can to reach it. This needs focus, patience and believe in yourself. If you manage to do this without being a workaholic you're gifted. In my daily work this means trying to please the perfectionist inside me- this will never suceed but is a driving force.


我的工作流程都從清理我的工作環境開始,因為我每次都會把工作室弄得很亂。一開始的時候,我會先收集一些資料,然後作一些素描並且發展地更深入,直到我完成了最後的素描或者是情節。接著我會用電腦來玩成最後的作品,通常我使用photoshop,illustrator和Cinema 4d。

•Could you describe your work process? 

My working process always starts with cleaning up my whole workspace- (while working on a project I use to mess up the whole room). When I got the brief I collect references, do sketches- develop them further till I got a final sketch/storyboard. Not until then I use my computer to finalize the sketch- Mostly I'm using photoshop, illustrator and cinema 4d.



•How do you come up with a balance between commercial products and more personal projects?

The commercial work is needed as it gives me the financial independency to work on my personal stuff- the longer I'm freelancing the more interesting the commercial projects become.



•What is the most important element when you work

Definitely my sketchbook, I always try to carry it with me to write down ideas that hit me suddenly. This is a constant part of my daily life. “Working” means for me executing these ideas that are visualized and already developed in the sketchbook.


當我畫完草圖,我會使用cinema4d, PhotoShop, illustrator與我的數位版來完成我的創作。

•What is your art tools/techniques

After scribbling I use cinema4d, photoshop, illustrator along with my wacom tablet to finalize my ideas.




•Would you introduce your exhibition to us and how do you feel to have an exhibition

The red thread off my current shows is making my characters tell story only through posing instead of facial expression, so I omitt anything that visualized mimic and create poses and statements that speak an international language.

My exhibitions are a deadline that forces me to execute my personal ideas, if I woudn't do exhibitions most of the things I think about would probably never see the light. Doing exhibitions is always exciting, lots of stress during the preparation but in the end its always a milestone  of my visual progress. Execution simply makes happy!



•Who do you admire most? Why?

I admire all people who define their personal goals, keep going and stay themselves facing the headwind.



•Please drop some suggestion to people who want to take part in ...? design/illustration?

Focus on your imagination, don't get overwhelmed by the work of other artists- keep on developing your own view of aesthetics. 


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